Private Residence, Bath

This project involved the major renovation and remodelling of a large domestic property. The decision to retain and reuse as much of the existing structure as possible, rather than demolish and rebuild, reduced the embodied carbon footprint of the project by 45%.

The original property was an interesting 'futuristic home' from the 60s, built with much love but sadly dated and unfashionable by today's standards. Following the major remodelling, recladding and renovation it is once again a very contemporary and high performing building, completely transformed but still recognizable as the original building.

The structural interventions were relatively straightforward, and included careful review of available records and intrusive investigations to maximize the utilisation of the existing structure wherever possible.

Press: Renovation not demolition: a case study of saving carbon on a private residence, The Structural Engineer Magazine, February 2023

Architect: CaSA Architects
Contractor: MAKE


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